40 Ton Automatic

Pellet Press

Key Features

  • Regulating tonnage by Digitally up to 40 Tons.
  • Compact set time controllable by digitally.
  • Auto ejection.
  • Fault warning lamp.
  • cycle end alarm indication

Application Area

  • Material research
  • XRF analysis

40 Ton Automatic Hydraulic Pellet Press

Eloquent Hydraulic Pellet Press are designed for pellet preparation for XRF analisis.The design has been made for wide variety of application compatible for different die sets. These are microprocesor controlled with controlling compact load,compact set time with user friendly digital display.The striking digital display shows the press program position along with cycle end alarm indication, The safe die loading and unloading position is considered along with safety in the design.

Technical Specification -HPP-40
2.2kw/3 HP,1440 rpm
Electrical Details

415 V /3~,50Hz,4 pole,16Amps



Max Force(load) on Ram
400KN (40 Ton))
Load control
Real time digital display of set ,actual compact load and set time
Hydraulic cylinder speed

Upward stroke-0.19 m/min

Return Stroke-0.3 m/min  

Hydraulic Pump Capacity
5 LPM at 250 bars.
Safe Operating pressure
200 bar. (with Digital display of set and actual load)
Ram Stroke
50 mm


Pellet Die sets
Type A
Pellet With Al cup base
Type B
SS Ring pellet,Ø35 x Ø40 x13
Type C
SS Ring pellet,Ø35 x Ø51 x 8


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