Spiral Test Rig

Key Features

  • High and low grade
  • 5 or 7 turn

Application Area

  • Iron Ore
  • Coal

Eloquent Spiral Test Rig

The spiral Test Rig is Designed for small batch feasibility test either closed or open circuit ) on site or in on site or in a Laboratory environment. The unit is supplied complete with a 375 liter sump, steel framework, motor, motor starter, 1" x 1.5" centrifugal rubber-lined pump, feed distributor with 4- way splitter, open grid platform, product manual sampler, internal piping and bypass valves, wheel-mounted assembly. Feed flow variation is achieved with a slurry distributor. The operating range of the slurry percent solids is from 24% to 40%. The spiral maximum feed flow rate is 135 LPM (Minerals)). The maximum capacity of the single start spirals range from 1 to 3 TPH. Construction up to 7 – turn profile.

Spiral Test Rig
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